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As one of the top beach resorts in Vietnam, we have taken care to provide the widest range of activities and recreations for our guests. The key idea behind every activity we have developed is exclusivity and privacy. At the same time, we have not forgotten the safety aspect… We have excluded risky activities for precautionary measure. The activities you can indulge in at Arcadia Phu Quoc Resort will not just make you enjoy every minute of your island vacation but will also make for great memories. Be it as a couple or in a group, you will find an activity that just perfect to enjoy your time in one of Asia’s top beach resort.

Check out some of our great recreational activities we have lined up for you:

Private Beach Access
Soak yourself in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand on your very own private beach. Relax in the exclusivity of our private beach – go for a swim, tan yourself in the sun or just laze around in the sand. We offer our valued guests with complimentary beach towels, sun chairs, and umbrellas.

Beach Volley Ball
Why not enjoy your time in the sun with a round or two of beach volley- ball. Pair up with another couple for a two-on-two or get your team together for a family game.

Non-motorized Water Sports
Our beach vacation resort would be incomplete without water sports. The calm, warm waters off Long Beach are just perfect for kayaking or enjoy tanning on float beds. Couples may want to pedal on our cycle-boat to reminiscent during sunset.

The waters of the Gulf of Thailand are perfect for snorkeling; clear as crystal, amazingly warm through the year and teeming with aquatic life. Grab a snorkel, put on your diving goggles and explore the million wonders of the underwater world like you have never done before.

Skim Boarding
Skim boarding is a great way to enjoy your time out on the water. It does not require high- level skills of surfing, yet lets you feel the thrill of the sport. Long Beach and the surf in the Gulf of Thailand are just perfect for skim boarding. Grab hold of your board and head out into the sea…

Children’s Sand Kits
We have made special arrangements for the children too. Just grab one of our sand kits and let them build their sand castles. For a change, parents may contribute in the fun too!

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